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The most common countertop material around. It has come a long way with new patterns, new edge profiles that give it a sophisticated look, and finishes that complete the stone look without the cost. Premium laminates are more scratch resistant and patterns mimic stone countertops.

PRO: Inexpensive, durable, wide array of colors, patterns, and finishes
CON: Non Repairable, can scratch and blister

Solid Surface
This material is heat resistant, impact resistant and virtually seamless when complete. Sinks can be integrated into the countertop for a seamless connection. Solid Surface can be sanded, refinished, and repaired (for cosmetic damage).

PRO: Repairable, Non-Porous, Virtually Seamless, low maintenance
CON: Expensive (2-3 times the price of laminate)

One of the strongest materials around. Quartz minerals are mixed with resin and laid out to form slabs. Unlike granite, quartz is non porous, stain resistant, heat resistant, and impact resistant.

PRO: Non Porous, Strong, low maintenance
CON: Heavy (15 lbs. per sq. ft), expensive

Soapstone is a naturally quarried dense stone. It is relatively soft due to its high talc content and can scratch easily. Non-porous, non-reactive to chemicals and acids, easy to maintain and does not require regular sealing. Soft to the touch with a matte finish. Sinks available.

PRO: Durable, Maintenance free, Does not harbor bacteria and easily repairable
CON: Expensive, Easy to scratch, Limited colors

Solid maple hardwood countertop that is culinary safe and can be cut on. Can be repaired and refinished (on cosmetic damages). Sinks can be attached as undermount. Special order species are available, including White or Red Oak and Walnut.

PRO: Durable, Repairable, safe for food prep
CON: Can get Expensive, some maintenance required

Natural stone is a unique and popular countertop material. No two stones are exactly alike. Granite blocks are cut out of quarries and sliced to create slabs; colors are limited to what is found in nature. We have samples for Tier 1 and Tier 2 discount granite program. We recommend going to distribution centers to view full slabs.

PRO: Durable, Scratch Resistant, Natural Stone
CON:  Acidic home cleaning products eat away polished surface, recommended to seal tops every 6-12 months
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